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Tyre Repairs & Vulcanizing

All tyres must be inspected thoroughly before repair.Punctured tyres must be dis-mounted and inspected internally before any repair is carried out. Anti puncture sprays and plug repairs will temporarily plug small holes but they are only intended to get you to a tyre specialist, not as a long term repair solution.

A punctured tyre should be replaced if it displays any of the following symptoms. 

  1. Damage from being driven flat
  2. Tyre sidewall penetrations or cuts / Perishing Deterioration of tyre rubber
  3. Wire casing is exposed 
  4. Previous tyre repairs have failed
  5. Tread depth is below the legal wear limit (1.6mm)

If there is any doubt as to the safety of a repair the tyre should be replaced.

Cost from      €10-00

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